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Denis Holmes opened with a moving tribute  to Elizabeth Daukes who was always a staunch supporter of the club.  My personal memory is of a friendly face above prize Winning blooms.

Next we saw evidence of a Happy Holiday in Scotland, visiting gardens of great variety. Two were immaculately formal whilst others luxuriated in a profusion of foliage and flowers.  Caroline and Richard Poyntz Wright also displayed their Cumbrian cottage Garden ... rabbit raided .

A complete contrast to the green radiance was a holiday in the Antarctic enjoyed by Diane Balchin where vivid blue skies and icebergs were the back drop to wild life dramas of unbelievable hardship.

Then Jill Fry produced her spectacular of the fires on Thursley Common. Frightening shots of leaping flames 2 taken by Brian Bond and aerial vistas of blackened bog ringed by growing wreaths were superseded by those of the grey aftermath.  Unbelievably  within a few weeks there was evidence of new life - fungus spiders the shooting of roots and seeds sprouting up into the mouths of rabbits.

We then left each with a copy of Brian Deaville's latest devilish quiz. Answers in April.

Next months lecture will be How Does your Garden Grow by Mr A Butler on Monday 12th February 2007.  So into the New Year. 

Joan Wilkins.


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