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Hospitals in England and North Wales require 8,000 units of blood every day to ensure their patients receive the care they need. At the National Blood Service, hard work is put in to meet that high level of demand. However, so much of our work relies on the generosity of blood donors who are voluntary and unpaid. Currently, a mere five per cent of the eligible population give blood and we need new donors all the time.

Blood can be used for a wide range of medical treatments and conditions, including accidents and emergencies, surgery, maternity care and non-surgical use like cancer treatment. Red cells are needed for sufferers of anaemia, and plasma is used for seriously ill patients and burns victims. As nearly all of the blood we collect is divided into its component parts, more than one life can be saved with a single donation.

A single donation (470 ml of blood) usually takes between five and ten minutes. The whole donation procedure is straightforward and you should be up and about and enjoying tea and biscuits within an hour of walking through the door. The blood collected is then taken back to the NBS centre for testing (including tests for HIV, hepatitis B and C and syphilis) and processing, and then it will be ready to issue to hospitals.

If you're keen to help save lives, you should be aged between 17-59 (70 for regular donors), weigh over 7st l2lbs (50 kg) and be in general good health to be potentially eligible to give blood. Blood donor sessions are held regularly across the region. For more information or to book an appointment, please call the Donor Helpline on 0845 7 711 711 or visit the National Blood Service website at www.blood.co.uk.

The Laurels,  Tilford Road,  Rushmoor

The Editor
Elstead Village News

11 June 2007

Dear Mr Williamson

I wonder if you will kindly publish a letter of thanks, on behalf of Nick Holder and myself, to the residents of Elstead who turned out in such strength at the recent local council elections.  Whatever the result might have been, it was good for local democracy to see so many electors taking the opportunity to make their views known

Your readers will understand if I comment that the people of Elstead have made a wise choice of local councillors

Notwithstanding that, both Nick and I would like everyone to be aware that we are here for all of  the residents of Elstead, especially when problems are encountered with which we may be able to assist (or at least, find a man who can!)

The most effective way to contact both of us will be by e-mail (preferred), or by telephone, as follows:
bmorgan@waverley.gov.uk, telephone 07747 886585, and
nholder@waverley.gov.uk,   telephone 01428 682402

Once again, our thanks to all the residents of Elstead for your support

Yours sincerely

Bryn Morgan