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The lovely warm weather we have had recently has been really helpful in ensuring our building project keeps to the schedule. The curved metal roof and windcatchers are in place, windows and doors installed, walls plastered and the scaffolding is down from the new classrooms. We are hoping to move in after half term. The office block and staffroom are coming along very well and we are beginning to get prices for the furniture. It is so exciting!

We continue to fundraise for the last few thousand pounds. The Duck Race at Elstead Mill was great fun and raised an amazing 1,220; the Grease singalong was well attended and raised another 1,200.  Our recent leaflet drop to thank residents for their support has resulted in a further 800 in individual donations, so we are nearly there. We have about 7,000 more to raise but we are very hopeful that our last Target 50K fundraiser this summer will do it for us. The Summer Ball on 30th June promises to be another magical event and tickets are on sale from the school office at 40 each. Why not get a table together?

The children and staff continue to work hard. Year R and Year 2 have a "Growing" project. They have caterpillars in their classrooms, some already turning into chrysalis; year 2 are plotting their growth and Year R finding out about the life cycle. They have also been working in the polytunnel. We have spinach salad every day, the beetroot is really tasty, Year R really like the broad beans and the strawberries are very popular with everyone. The cabbages are ready to be picked, so it's cabbage for lunch next week. The carrots are getting very bushy and the peas have had a real growth spurt in the last week. Year 2 are finding out about "Time". This week they got into their time machine and went forward into the future. The sounds and sights they encountered in this drama were very exciting and they will enter their experiences into their travel journal. Fortunately they came back in time to go home for the weekend! Following a visit from a two week old abandoned owl, they wrote some wonderful poetry.

Year 3 have been finding out about Henry VII and his wives and are excited about their forthcoming trip to Hampton Court. They also visited some Elstead houses with Tudor origins. Year 4 are investigating water, through the water cycle and weather, rivers and lakes. Year 5 are preparing for their day trip to France in July, where they will use their French speaking skills to buy some food, send a postcard and will compare the castle and ramparts in the old part of Boulogne with the modern town and harbour. Year 6 took their Standard Assessment Tests (SATs) in mid May but they have been doing a project on newspapers and have now finished their boats ready for the Paper Boat Race on Sunday 24th June at the Moat. They spend the week before the race on a residential at Marchants Hill in Hindhead where they spend half their time on ICT activities and the rest of the week doing outdoor adventure activities such as archery and abseiling.

Mr Happy's Circus is coming to school at 6 pm on Monday 23rd July. There will be a barbecue from 5 pm. Details from the school and everyone is welcome.

Ann Tann


How well do you know your hymns ? Can you identify the first line of a hymn, where the second line is given ?

Example: "All seated on the ground".
Answer: "While shepherds watched their flocks by night".

Quiz Sheet 1 available from Deirdre Clarkson Webb, Tel. E.702315

(Answers in the August issue of the Village News)